Berlin is not only the political capital of Germany, but also its scientific and cultural center with an outstanding history of (scientific) knowledge. Due to Berlin’s recent history, a culture of change, innovation and technology leadership has developed. The sparkling, creative spirit can be experienced throughout the city.

We currently recommend participation in the online knowledge management certificate course initiated the Berlin Knowledge Partnership back in 2011 as a dialog and development platform for the development of Berlin as a knowledge city. Since then, several activities have been set, including the development of the “Wissensraum Berlin” in front of the Kino Kosmos with numerous partners.

The range of services in consulting and training is also available in German in Germany.

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Knowledge City Germany GmbH
Strelitzer Straße 60,
10115 Berlin, Germany

Managing Directors: Günter Penzenauer, Andreas Brandner
Coordination: Martina Koch

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