Harare. Knowledge. City

Comprehensive service provider in Knowledge Management

Knowledge. city was established in 2016 and provides the full spectrum of consulting and training services. The international knowledge.city network provides a rich pool of experts and competencies to deliver knowledge services in the fields of Knowledge Management and Knowledge-based Development.

Our passion is about developing Zimbabwe to the better through advanced KM. With our strong background in the agricultural sector, we support specifically small-hold farmers, but also the whole agricultural value-chain. As policy advisors, we contribute to the achievement to the National Development Plan, to the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, and of course to the SDGs, keeping the citizens always at the heart of our activities.

We focus on:

  • Linking the National Development Plan with Knowledge Management through a Zimbabwean Knowledge Agenda
  • Consultancy for companies, NGOs, International Organisations and public bodies
  • Education and training in the field of Knowledge Management
  • Developing and facilitating a Zimbabwean Knowledge Partnership
  • Constantly facilitating international knowledge exchange and participation in international network


Knowledge Management Trainings

KM Training Courses are regularly offered – open courses are currently provided only online, inhouse course are offered at the premises on demand with contents tailored to the specific needs of the customers. This will include the following topics (as example):

  • developing knowledge management strategies and implementing them
  • digitalising knowledge processes, virtual knowledge work and collaboration
  • developing an enterprise knowledge base, using taxonomies and knowledge graphs
  • advancing knowledge products and services
  • building and facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships


Knowledge Management Consulting Services

Knowledge Management can not be understood as “one fits all solution”. Therefore tailored knowledge strategies will be developed and knowledge management will be implemented in organizations. Our portfolio of consulting services can be found here: www.knowledge.city/consulting.



Collaboration in partnerships help to achieve more. We are partners of the  Knowledge for Development Partneship and  facilitate local partnerships and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships. We aim at advancing research and education in Knowledge Sciences in partnership with K4DP School of Knowledge Sciences.


Research & Innovation

Improving ongoing routines and finding better solutions to be more effective in our knowledge work is at the heart of research and innovation projects. Therefore various topics related to knowledge based development and knowledge management are worked on. On a societal level we focus on the better understanding of knowledge ecosystems and how to make them more effective. Knowledge Partnerships are a key instrument for transdisciplinary research in this field.


Business Development

The exchange of knowledge, innovation and technology are critical to economic development. The market for knowledge service providers has a big potential, specifically when cooperating with international partners. Knowledge City Zimbabwe acts as an incubator and business development agent for the establishment of new companies and institutions.


Managing Director: Charles Dhewa MSc
Knowledge Transfer Africa Ltd.
Harare City Council Community Services Building,

Mbare Agriculture Market, Mbare, Harare.
E: harare@knowledge.city