Knowledge Hub Nigeria Ltd/GTE (Knowledge Hub) is a partnership organisation between Knowledge City GMBH (KC) Vienna, Austria and CISME Consulting Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria. It is established to carry out in Nigeria the activities of Knowledge City and also hosting the activities of Knowledge for Development (K4D), an international organisation also headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Knowledge Hub is set up to provide services for public and private organisations, government, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), multi-national institutions and individuals who are desirous to meet the challenges, and take advantage of the Knowledge Economy in order to co-create better Knowledge Societies in their activities and in the world.

Knowledge Hub is a competence centre in the fields of Knowledge Management (KM) and Knowledge-based development. It is designed to advance knowledge in a wide range of businesses, Knowledge Cities and Knowledge Societies.

Knowledge Hub being a co-partner of Knowledge City, Vienna, Austria, benefits from the collaboration with companies in Europe, Africa and Asia and acts as a platform for international knowledge exchange – matching experienced Knowledge Service Providers (KSP) with those in need. The global collaboration contributes to the advancement of various companies and opens opportunities for business development.